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John Miles  

John Miles

Hi! I’m John Miles, a blogger by profession and proud member of my ‘Sporty Family’. Yes, me and my family always love to spend active time during our leisure and holidays.

In my early ages, I was passionate about scooters. I used my scooter for commuting to my school, college, neighborhood or even at my office. When I grew up, hiking became my new passion and still, I’m spellbound by it.

By favorite outdoor activity, my loving wife is more adventures than me! He is crazy about hunting, he never misses a chance of going out for hunting.

My 10 years old son is in love with longboarding. He spent almost in this sport. He already has tried and experimented many different things with his Longboard.

My daughter loves skating. She never goes out without her skates. She has become a kind of expert in skating by the age of 8.

Though our personal favorite is a little bit different, we spend a lot of time together whenever possible. We arrange a barbeque party at our backyard, play together or even plan for camping sometime.

And most importantly, we manage to exercise together every morning.

We are known as the ‘Sporty Family’ at our neighborhood.

And you know what! This practice keeps us healthy and strong by physically and mentally.


From my experience, I’ve found that people who are not into sports or trying anything for the first time or going to buy any sports equipment for their family or friends get confused by the variation even sometimes they get the wrong product.

So I’ve always tried to help my friends, family and neighbor with the necessary basic tips for buying any sports item and how can they start with that.

And they’ve always appreciated this.

Now I think there are a lot of people like them who get confused or wrong product which is a waste of money and time.

As I like to research before buying any sports, fitness equipment or even household appliances from the very beginning, I’ve decided to share with you my experiences through the internet.

In tidyoutdoor.com, I will try to give you a proper review with the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget or gear I’ve researched and used. You can read my step by step guideline and take a decision about whether you need the accessories or not.

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If you have something new in your mind feel free to write to me. If it goes with my research I will try my best to give you the proper information.


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