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About Tidyoutdoor

Where do you spend most of your quality time with family? Or which part of your home gives you a sense of serenity? It is a well-groomed outdoor area, no? This is the place where you can sip on your tea and call it ‘me time’ or have a family member beside you and call it ‘quality time’. No matter what, we can’t deny that the closeness of nature makes all the difference. 

Besides, a visitor or your neighbors make their first impression about your personality and taste by judging how organized you are outdoors. No matter how luxurious or trendy the interior is, no one will step into your house willingly if the outdoor area is total garbage. 

Tidyoutdoor realizes the importance of having a polished and nurtured yard and lawn. But the tasks to grow and maintain a tidy outdoor environment can be nerve-wracking if not done in the proper way with proper tools. Tidyoutdoor is here for the rescue, as it discusses everything you need to know about tidying up your outdoors. 

Moreover, this site doesn’t miss the value of spending time by doing recreational activities outdoors. So, camping, hunting, sporting, fishing, etc common activities are also addressed in this site and ways to make your experience better in those activities is also a matter of concern. 

How it Started

To be honest, I was a chubby city kid and only got the chance to spend my summer vacations by doing outdoor activities with my cousins living in the suburbs. No matter how much I loved to spend my time playing in the mud, camping in the jungle, hiking, or fishing, I was only allowed to do those only for a few days a year. 

However, when I grew up and found out ways to make money by traveling, I didn’t miss that opportunity. I hate doing corporate jobs and entrepreneurship is not in my blood. So, I took the last and the best option: traveling all over the world! It satisfies my passion for exploring and also arranges my expenses through a little bit of blogging. 

Tidyoutdoor is one of my many sites where I share my experiences and ideas. I realize that most people don’t have the luxury to travel overseas for spending every weekend or off days. So, I decided to help make their time spent outdoors the best they deserve by sharing my knowledge and understanding on this site. 

Contents of Tidyoutdoor

Tidyoutdoor formerly focused on the exterior of your home. Because, I believe sipping a cup of coffee on a tidy porch, or backyard can be as satisfying as spending time in a luxurious villa. So, this site used to deal with tidying up the outdoor vicinity of your home.

Outdoor recreational activities require proper equipment. So, later gadgets and gears we use outdoors for the various purposes also introduced in this site. Tools we use during gardening, camping, hiking, hunting, and any other outdoor chores were introduced or reviewed on this site, and tips to get the right items were also shared.   

Now, along with those topics, I also share my tips and tricks, which I have learned over the years in hard ways. Those are shared to help people who step out rarely but want to spend quality time close to nature, without any hassle. 

How it is Helpful

People have different tastes and preferences. On this site, I don’t push the audience to shape their taste on how they want their outdoors to be, or how they want to spend their time outdoors. Rather, I share the basics of what, how, why, and some pros and cons. So that they can be fully aware of what they are doing and have full responsibility for what they are doing. 

This site is growing with me, as I am learning new things every day, sharing and denoting my learnings and experiences. So, here you will get the most realistic advice and reviews. No ‘expert advice’ that a commoner can’t follow easily is not shared here. Because I don’t consider myself an expert. 


When we face problems, a new story begins. So, if you do not agree with any of my reviews, guides, ideas, or tips, or have faced problems by following so, then please don’t step back. Reach out to me, let me know about your struggles with spending time outdoors or tidying up your outdoors. I will try to come up with something that will help you out.

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